Political Instigation

Posted on February 8, 2011


The following is meant to offend.


Smart Republican = Rich Republican

Stupid Republican = Poor Republican


Smart Centrist = A politician who knows that change comes slowly and that the country is far more diverse than what biased news outlets would have you believe.

Stupid Centrist = Someone who isn’t necessarily stupid. But just doesn’t know much about politics.


Smart Liberal: Someone who is intelligent. Who researches something before having an opinion on it.

Stupid Liberal: Someone who likes to smash Starbucks windows.


What do they have in common?

The stupid liberal and the stupid conservative are both susceptible to propaganda. They take pride in “knowing” what they believe nobody else knows.  Stupid Republican’s believe anything and everything they do not agree with is all a socialist/fascist (they don’t know the difference between the two) conspiracy to take away their rights. Stupid Liberals believe that everything is a corporate conspiracy.

Both believe in the Illuminati. Neither like the Democrats.

The intelligent  centrist is a Democrat with liberal ideals who came to the conclusion that the only way to make change is to work within a broken system and try to change it from the inside out.

Stupid centrists either very smart people who really don’t care about politics and have lives of their own, and don’t see how voting or getting involved in politics is going to make any difference. Or they are right leaning people who like to brag about being in the middle because they feel it makes them free thinkers. When in reality they don’t know enough to have a strong opinion either way.
Smart Liberals and smart Republicans both understand how the world works. They understand the complexities of the issues at hand.  The difference is that the smart Republican has no moral compass. And has no problem with creating the propaganda that gets the average Joe and Jane to vote against their own self interests.  They have no problem using fear and intimidation to their advantage. The intelligent liberal does have morals. And either will vote Democrat as the best of a bad bunch. Vote Green or third party because they feel that even though they have no chance of winning, that they want to be a force for some kind of change. Even if that change will not happen for sometime if ever. Or they do not vote simply because they feel frustrated and powerless to change anything. And are apathetic.

What evidence do I have to support these claims?

Years of trolling various political blogs and watching 24 hour news networks.


The end.

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